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Teknokroma 2t Space Sampler

The First Manual System For Static Head Space

The Teknokroma 2t Head Space Sampler for Head Space technique within your reach with a low cost and high precision level

The 2t sampler is the first manual system for Static Head Space which allows the application of this technique in a quantitative, economical and precise manner.
Now it is possible to use the Static Head Space technique with
a manual equipment. the Teknokroma 2t sampler is a low cost, high versatility and easy operations system. For this reason the Static Head Space technique is being succesfully introduced to laboratories.
The new 2t sampler makes the Head Space technique available to all Gas Chromatography users. It complies with all the European CE requirements.

It is according the Pharmacopeia test:

European Pharmacopeia 7th. (2011).
USP 35-NF30 (2012).


• Volatiles in pharmaceuticals
• Flavours analysis in food and cosmetic products
• Alcohol and other toxic compounds in blood
• Screening of volatiles in all type of environmental samples
(soils, waters, plastics, polymers, etc.)

Technical Specifications

Heating temperature Range:
up to 140ºC.
Variable injection: up to 2,5 ml.
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0,5ºC
Holds up to 6 vials of: 2, 4, 6, 9, 10, 12, 20, 22 and 27 ml.
Sampling time control with accoustic alarm: 1 to 99 seconds
Equilibrium time control with accoustic alarm: 1 to 99 minutes
Stabilization time from 25ºC to 70ºC with
1 ml syringe and 6 empty 20 ml vials:
 20 minutes
Safety temperature: 175ºC
Power: 220 +/- 10% VAC.

Teknokroma 2t Space Sampler

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2t Sampler for Static Head Space (syringe not included)
APE Syringe Mod. 1001 HS 1 ml.
APE Syringe Mod. 1002 HS 2,5 ml.