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Vacuum Manifold

Teknokroma vacuum manifolds simplify SPE sample processing.
These manifolds permit consistent extraction and filtration results.
Analyst can save time, since these manifolds allow simultaneous multiple sample processing.
The manifolds yield consistent extraction, elution and filtration results for up to 24 columns, cartridges or 25 mm syringe filters.
Filters should not be attached to the vacuum manifold port prior to elution. Filters will air-lock and prevent fluid passage if used during column conditioning, sample application, or column wash. Using filters during the final elution step will ensure a clean sample for injection. Parallel processing of this kind greatly reduces the time required to prep multiple samples.
The manifolds consist of a clear glass chamber to which vacuum is applied to draw a sample through on SPE column, cartridge, or disk.
Adjustable racks placed in the glass vacuum chamber will accommodate a variety of sample collection vessels, including test tubes, autosamplers, vials, volumetric flasks, and Erlenmeyer flasks.
Eluants are deposited directly into the collection vessel of choice via polypropylene, optional stainless steel, or 

Drying Attachments

Drying attachments are available for the 12 and 24 port manifolds, which will direct the fl ow of air or nitrogen into the collection vessels to concentrate eluants, prior to further analysis.
Drying attachments can be connected, via adapters, to SPE columns or cartridges in order to dry the column or cartridge prior to fi nal elution.

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Vacuum Manifold

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