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Glass MicroFiber (GMF) Membrane

• Membrane: Binder-free Glass Microfiber
• Housing: medical grade, virgin polypropylene
• Connections: enhanced female Luer-Lok inlet, male Luer slip outlet
• Max. operating temperature: 110°C
• Max. operating pressure: 30mm - 90psi
• Retention volumes: 30mm - P137RL

• GMB membranes are commonly used as pre-filters to remove large particulates and to extend the load capacity of the membrane.
• Membrane of choice for disolution test.

Glass MicroFiber (GMF) Membrane

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Glass MicroFiber (GMF) Membrane, 30mm, 0.7µm, Target Syringe Filter, PK 100
Glass MicroFiber (GMF) Membrane, 30mm, 1.2µm, Target Syringe Filter, PK 100
Glass MicroFiber (GMF) Membrane, 30mm, 3.1µm, Target Syringe Filter, PK 100