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OlimPeak Filters with Glass Fiber Prefilter GMF

"Certified Filter"

• Teknokroma offers a wide range of syringe filters with a Glass Microfiber membrane used as pre-filter.
• The Glass pre-filter is mounted before the microporous filter membrane. This combination eliminates the need for a pre-filtration step, minimizes sample loss, and prolongs the life of membrane.
• Flow rates are increased and filtrate volume is significantly greater when compared to filters with no pre-filter.
• Regenerated Cellulose membrane with the GMF membrane as a prefilter, is especially useful for tissue culture media filtration, as well as for general biological sample filtration.
• These filters are ideal for general laboratory filtration of samples that contain an excessive amount of particulates.
• The glass pre-filter removes the larger particulates and prevents premature clogging of the filter membrane.


OlimPeak Filters with Glass Fiber Prefilter GMF

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