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Gas Leak Detector LD-239

GL Sciences’ Gas Leak Detector LD239 adapts thermal conductivity technique between target gases and referential gas. Being the smallest, lightest and the most sensitive on the market, the LD239 detects up to 0.0005mL/min of helium gas. With the USB port, the LD239 can be recharged easily anywhere.


Detection method Thermal conductivity
Target gases Helium, CO2, Ar, Ne etc
(gases that are largely different from referential gas)
*Not for flammable and corrosive gases
Sensitivity (He) Standard range : 0.005mL/min at minimum Display
High range : 0.0005mL/min at minimum
Display LCD
Temperature Range 10 – 40 °C
Battery Lithium ion battery installed
Rechargeable through a USB port, 2.5hours for a full recharge
5 hour battery life with continuous use
Dimension 50(W) × 20(D) ×111(H) mm
Weights Approx. 95 g
Accessories USB cable (1M)
Sample gas filter (probe built-in)
Referential gas filter (builtin)
Instruction manual
Warranty certificate

Gas Leak Detector LD-239

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