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Custom Capillary Columns

TEKNOKROMA also provides you with the possibility of working with not bonded and bonded custom capillary columns, which are still described today in official methods, or which appear in the scientific bibliography. We can supply you with these columns in the size and phase thickness that you require for a similar price as our standard Teknokroma columns. As an example: 

TR-101 (100%Polydimethylsiloxane, "fluid silicone")
TR-SE-30 (100%Polydimethylsiloxane)
TR-SE-52 (5%Diphenyl-95%dimethylpolysiloxane)
TR-SE-54 (5%Diphenyl-1%vinyl-94%dimethylpolysiloxane)
TR-20M (100%Polyethylen glycol CW20M)


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Columnas GCSepta Discobolous para GCFerrulas para GCMuestreador 2t
Custom Capillary Columns