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100% Dimethyl polysiloxane, bonded and crosslinked phase.

• These columns, with a selectivity identical toTRB-1, fulfil column bleed specifications that make them compatible with analysis of trace components with GC/MS. Therefore, the standard column of 30m x 0.25mm x 0.25μm has a guaranteed maximum bleed of 4 pA at 325 °C.
• Great chemical inertness towards active constituents and excellent thermal stability.
• Improved signal/noise ratio, which enables greater sensitivity to be obtained with the MS, ECD, NPD, SCD, etc. detectors and provides greater precision in quantitative analysis at trace levels.
• Less column bleed means less detectors contamination and greater speed in conditioning columns.

Structure of Poly(dimethyl)siloxane

TRB-1MS Capillary Column, TRB-1MS,  Structure of Poly(dimethyl)siloxane, TRB-1MS Equivalent Phases: Restek: Rtx-1ms, Rxi-1ms, Varian: CP-SIL 5 CB MS, VF-1ms, Alltech: AT-1MS
TRB-1MS Equivalent Phase

Agilent: HP-1MS, DB-1MS
Restek: Rtx-1ms, Rxi-1ms
Varian: CP-SIL 5 CB MS, VF-1ms
Alltech: AT-1MS


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