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(95%) Dimethyl-(5%) diphenyl polysiloxane, crosslinked and chemically bonded phase

• The TRB-5MS column uses the same stationary phase as TRB-5, but the polymer synthesis process, the capillary deactivation technique and the bonding and crosslinking procedures have been optimized to obtain the minimum
possible bleeding level and an exceptional chemical inertness.
• The bleeding specifications for a column of 30m x 0,25mm x 0,25μm indicate that it is lower than 4pA at 325ºC.
• Column recommended to work with any selective detector.
• Ideal column to connect with a mass detector. Its ultralow bleeding joined to its high chemical inertness allows for a better signal/noise ratio (higher sensitivity level), and therefore better detection and quantification of sample components at low concentrations.

Structure of Poly(dimethyldiphenyl)siloxane

GC Columns; Capillary Column; Restek: Rtx-5MS, Rxi-5ms; Agilent/JW: HP-5MS; Supelco: PTE-5, Equity-5; Macherey-Nagel: OPTIMA-5ms; Varian: CP-Sil 8 CB MS, VF-5ms

TRB-5MS Equivalent Phase

Restek: Rtx-5MS, Rxi-5ms
Aglilent/JW: HP-5MS
Supelco: PTE-5, Equity-5
Macherey-Nagel: OPTIMA-5ms
Varian: CP-Sil 8 CB MS, VF-5ms


GC/MS Columns,Columns High Temperature,Metal Columns,Columns by Polarity,Volatiles Analysis,Aromatics,Sterols,Triazines,Cis/Trans FAME,Hydrocarbons,Biodiesel,Saccharin Impurities,Custom Capillary Columns

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