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(95%) Dimethyl-(5%) diphenyl polysiloxane, crosslinked and chemically bonded phase

• Column specially designed for the analysis of amines.
• Basic deactivation of the column surface with reagents synthetized in our laboratories, that jointly with the crosslinking method have permitted the minimization of the absorption level and tailing of basic compounds, like the alkylamines, alcoholamines, basic pharmaceuticals, aromatic amines, etc.
• Selectivity and thermal stability equivalent to the TRB-5 columns.

Structure of Poly(dimethyldiphenyl)siloxane

TRB-5Amine Capillary Column, Structure of Poly(dimethyl)siloxane, TRB-5HT Equivalent Phases: Restek: Rtx 5Amine; Supelco: PTA-5; Macherey-Nagel: OPTIMA-5A; Varian: CP-Sil 8 MS

TRB-5Amine Equivalent Phase

Restek: Rtx-5Amine
Supelco: PTA-5
Macherey-Nagel: OPTIMA-5A
Varian: CP-Sil 8 MS


GC/MS Columns,Columns High Temperature,Metal Columns,Columns by Polarity,Volatiles Analysis,Aromatics,Sterols,Triazines,Cis/Trans FAME,Hydrocarbons,Biodiesel,Saccharin Impurities,Custom Capillary Columns

Columnas GCSepta Discobolous para GCFerrulas para GCMuestreador 2t

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