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Silphenylene phase, selectivity similar to TRB-5, bonded and crosslinked phase.

• Choice column for the analysis of semivolatile compounds with GC-MS.
• Polymer synthesis designed and developed by scientists at Teknokroma.
• Selectivity similar to TRB-5.
• New generation of column incorporates arylene groups in the polymer structure, and this improves the thermal stability, reduces the bleeding level and provides optimal resolution for aromatic compounds.
• Manufacturing procedures of this Teknokroma column guarantees maximal inertness and minimal bleeding level.
• Quality control test (MX5) that guarantees total inertness and optimal signal/noise ratio (S/N) for the more active compounds that normally suffer adsorption problems, like 2,4-dinitropherol, 4-nitroaniline and pentachlorophenol.

Structure of Polysiloxane containing p-silphenylene

Meta.X5 Capillary Column, Structure of Poly(dimethyl)siloxane, Meta.X5 Equivalent Phases: Restek: Rtx-5Sil MS; Agilent/JW: DB-5MS, HP-5TA; Supelco: MDN-5, SLB-5ms; Chromopack/Varian: CP-SIL8CB MS, VF-5ms; Alltech: AT-5ms; Quadrex: 007-5MS; SGE: BPX-5; Phenomenex: ZB-5MS

Meta.X5 Equivalent Phase

Restek: Rtx-5Sil MS
Agilent/JW: DB-5MS, HP-5TA
Supelco: MDN-5, SLB-5ms
Chromopack/Varian: CP-SIL 8 CB MS, VF-5ms
Alltech: AT-5ms
Quadrex: 007-5MS
Phenomenex: ZB-5MS


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