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(14%) Cyanopropyphenyl-(86%) dimethyl polysiloxane, bonded and crosslinked phase.

• Column of intermediate polarity without cyanopropyl groups in its structure.
• Excellent confirmation column.
• Intermediate polarity column of wide use.
• Historically used in the analysis of pesticides.

Structure of Poly(dimethylcyanopropylphenyl)siloxane

TRB-1701 Capillary Column, TRB-1701 Structure of Poly(dimethylcyanopropylphenyl)siloxane, TRB-1701 Equivalent Phases: Agilent: HP-1701, PAS-1701, DB-1701; Supelco:SPB-1701; Restek: Rtx-1701; Varian: CP-SIL 19 CB; SGE: BP-10; Alltech: AT-1701; Quadrex: 007-1701

TRB-1701 Equivalent Phase

Agilent: HP-1701, PAS-1701, DB-1701
Supelco: SPB-1701
Restek: Rtx-1701
Varian: CP-SIL 19 CB
SGE: BP-10
Alltech: AT-1701
Quadrex: 007-1701


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