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100% Polyethylene glycol (PEG), bonded and crosslinked phase

Column totally equivalent to the SUPELCOWAX™ 10. Based in the popular phase Carbowax 20M.
Extended use for the analysis of methyl esters of fatty acids (FAMEs ) and analysis of solvents, fragrances, alcohols and aromatic compounds in the alimentary and flavor and fragrance industry. • Column of high polarity.
• Phase practically equivalent to the USP G16 phase.
• Ample range of operating temperatures and high thermal.
• Thermal stability (35ºC-280ºC).
• Compatible with water and methanol injections, providing that these solvents be completely vaporized when they enter into the column.
• Reproducibility among columns guaranteed.

Structure of Polyethylene glycol

SupraWax-280 Teknokroma Capillary Columns, Polar columns, Structure of Polyethylene glycol, Meta.WAX Equivalent Phases: Supelco: SUPELCOWAX™ 10

SupraWax-280 Equivalent Phase

Supelco: SUPELCOWAX™ 10.


GC/MS Columns,Columns High Temperature,Metal Columns,Columns by Polarity,Volatiles Analysis,Aromatics,Sterols,Triazines,Cis/Trans FAME,Hydrocarbons,Biodiesel,Saccharin Impurities,Custom Capillary Columns

Columnas GCSepta Discobolous para GCFerrulas para GCMuestreador 2t

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