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Interacción Hidrofóbica (HIC)

The great advantage over separations by reverse phase consists in the extremely mild elution conditions which protect the stability of the most sensitive proteins.
TOSO have three different columns available for HIC: TSK-GEL Phenyl-5PW. TSK-GEL Ether-5PW, and TSK-GEL Butyl -NPR.
The two first have as support the packing TSK-GEL G5000PW to which have been bonded respectively phenyl or oligoethyleneglycol groups.
The TSK-GEL Butyl -NPR columns are based on the same materials as the previous but with a non porous particle which is of a size of only 2.5 microns. The very high efficiencies that this column offers make it ideal for high speed applications.

Interacción Hidrofóbica (HIC)

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