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Europa Protein

Teknokroma introduces in the market the new line of Europa HPLC columns.
After the versatility of our popular mediterranea™ Sea 18 column that enables you to deal successfully with the inmense variety of separations in the fi elds of pharmaceuticals, life sciences, environment, foods, etc. Teknokroma has focused all its efforts and all its know-how, accumulated through more than 30 years of chromatographic research and development, in offering the best reverse phase HPLC packing for identifi cation and purifi cation of peptides and protein compounds.
Manufactured using novel proprietary technologies, analytical and preparative Europa columns are simply the best reverse phase columns available today.
As a result of these, we launch into the market the Line of Europa HPLC columns, one of the best columns in the fi eld of analysis of biomolecules.
The Europa HPLC columns for peptides and proteins, provide the best performance and unsurpassed effi ciency, reliability and reproducibility.
There is still a consensus that the best material to use as chromatographic packing continues to be silica. The particles of silica material are physically resistant, enable multiple functions, present maximum levels of effi ciency and are also compatible with practically all solvents.
Teknokroma has dedicated years of research and development in obtaining the best silica particle on the market. The silica particle on which the Europa columns is based is the result of an optimisation process, starting with extremely pure materials with unusually low metal content, and obtaining a perfectly spherical, rigid and inert particle.
Furthermore, the propietary “porifi cation process” (Surface Enhanced Accessibility, SEA) for Europa silica has achieved high surface area without sacrifi cing important properties like physical resistence and high loading capacity- making it ideal for preparative-scale processing.
In addition, the Surface Enhanced Accessibility manufacturing process creates a porous structure that ensures maximum transfer speeds for solutes between the stationary and mobile phases-resulting in higher separation effi ciency.
Our “Ultra-Fast” Europa columns are made in 3-5 cm length in order to get quick analytical results, whereas the “High Effi ciency” columns are normally in 15-25 cm lengths to obtain best resolution.
The Teknokroma Europa Columns are uniquely designed with optimized pore size distribution; 120Å for Peptide and 300Å for the Protein Columns.
Europa columns are available for:

Europa C18 with 0.21, 0.30, 0.40, 0.46, 0.78, 1.0 and 2.12 cm.

Europa C18, C8 and C4 with 0.21, 0.30, 0.40, 0.46, 0.78, and 2.12 cm.

Purity of silica

The responsibility for chromatographic separation of peptides and proteins is found inside the particle-within the pores. To obtain a very homogeneous pore distribution the least possible number of nanopores is essential.
For most reverse-phase silica packings, these nanopores are not properly chemically bonded, endcapped or deactivated. So when nanopores are accessible to the peptides and proteins, surfacepeptide and protein interactions frequently dominate. These interactions often result in a decrease of column effi ciency.

Europa Protein

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