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Europa C18 Peptide

We invite you to try our Europa C18 peptide column when you experience unsatisfactory results with your favorite column.
Europa C18 Peptide columns are suitable to separate or purify low molecular weight compounds, especially small peptides.
Europa HPLC columns for peptides provide a high performance that is unsurpassed in efficiency, reliability and reproducibility.
Manufactured using novel proprietary technologies, analytical and preparative Europa columns are simply the best reverse phase columns available today. Europa columns ensure greater separation efficiency, resistance to extreme pH conditions and longer column life.
Our “Ultra-Fast” columns are made in 3-5 cm length in order to get quick analytical results, whereas the “High Efficiency” columns are normally in 15-25cm lengths to obtain the best resolution.


• Ultra high purity, totally spherical silica gel
• High density bonding for extreme performance proprietary fully end-capped silica
• Porous Size: 120 Å, narrow particle size distribution
• Surface Area 300 m2/g
• % of Carbon 19 %
• High loading capacity of crude peptides
• Stable under basic and extreme acidic conditions
• Packed with 5μm sized silica particles

Microbore Columns are available in: 0.21, 0.30 cm ID
Analytical Columns are available in: 0.40 and 0.46 cm ID
Semi-Prep Columns are available in: 0.78 and 1.0 cm
Prep Columns are available in: 2.1 cm ID
Larger diameter available by request

Influence of Pore size in Peak Shape
Column: 7.8 mm I.D. x 250 mm Length; Temperature: 35ºC; Detector: UV 220 nm;
Mobile Phase: A) CH3CN/H2O/TFA = 20/80/0.1, B) CH3CN/H2O/TFA = 60/40/0.1,
Linear Gradient from A to B in 25 min and hold for 10 min; Flow Rate: 1.7 ml/min.

Europa C18 Peptide