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Hamilton PRP-X400

Glifosate and of metabolite amniomethylphosphonic acid in drinking waters. (EPA 547).
The column PRP-X400, a packing of polystyrene-divinyl-benzeno sulphonate with 7μm particle diameter and 2.5 meq./gm, separates both compounds according to their ionic charges in less than 10 minutes. The detection requires a post-column oxidation and derivization.
This column improves on the recommendation of the EPA547 given that it does not require thermostating at 65°C ,eliminates the use of methanol, and also demonstrates a significantly shorter analysis time.
• Analysis times eight minutes less in comparison with other columns.
• Detection of levels of 1Oppb with the technique of post-column derivization with OPA.
• Applicable to other separations like ethylene glycol.
• Hamilton recommend the column PRP-X400 for the analysis of the herbicides.

Hamilton PRP-X400

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PRP-X400 7 μm 150 x 2.1 mm
PRP-X400 7 μm 150 x 4.1 mm
PRP-X400 7 μm 250 x 4.1 mm
PRP-X400 7 μm 250 x 4.6 mm (PEEK)
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Guard Columns Starter Kit for analysis of Glifosate
Replacement cartridges (5/pk) for analysis of Glifosate