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Interaction CHO-610/OH

CARBOSep is the name of the complete range of columns that Transgenomic has developed for the analysis of carbohydrates.

These columns employ the technique called lingand-exchange for the separation of mono-, di,-and oligosaccharides of upto 15 glucose units.
In this technique it is the different metals bonded to the polymeric matrix of the packing which react selectively with the weakly negatively charged hydroxyls of the sugar molecules. The selectivity is controlled by means of the appropriate choice of resin type and of the metallic species bonded to it, as well as other factors, such as the temperature of the column.

CARBOSep is the most complete range, and with the best efficiency of all those on the market.

Carbohydrates Separation with PAD

Interaction CHO-610/OH

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CHO-611OH Carbohydrate column (150x6,5 mm)
Ion-Guard GC-611OH Kit
Replacement Cartridge GC-611OH/C 2 pk