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ICSep ARH-601

ICSep Columns for Organic Acid Analysis

The technique of ion exclusion is preferred for the separation of weakly ionizable types such as the organic acids and the alcohols.
Transgenomic has developed a full range of columns that for efficiency and specificity are unique when dealing with this class of separations.

• Polymeric substrate.
• High Efficiency.
• High resolution.
• Separate organic acids, carbohydrates and alcohols on a single column.
• Extremely resistant and with a long useful lifetime.

Aromatic Acids and linear

ICSep ARH-601

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ICSep ARH-601 Fast organic acids 100 x 6.5 mm
ICSep Ion Guard GC-601 Kit precolumna
GC-601/C Cartuchos repuesto (pak de 2 unid.)