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In Line Filters


Inline Solvent Filters

• Traps piston seal particles and rotor seal wear particles
• Excellent protection for sensitive system components
• For analytical & semi-preparative applications

Our inline solvent filters trap particles — those released through piston-seal or injection valve rotor-seal wear as well as particles from other sources. Without an inline filter, these particles can continue through the tubing, possibly clogging the tubing and/or damaging system components.

Analytical-Scale Inline Filters

Our traditional, analytical-scale filters incorporate a stainless steel frit with a PEEK™ polymer ring bracketed between two 316 Stainless Steel body components that hold the frit in place. The frit traps particles and prevents them from continuing down the flow path. An 8° distribution cone engineered into both halves of the holder helps spreads the flow of the mobile phase over the surface of the frit, allowing for more of the frit surface area to be utilized and ensuring more uniform filtration.

In addition to the frit that is pre-packaged with these items, our analytical-scale inline filters can also be used with any of our polymer-ring surrounded frits that have an overall outer diameter near .250" and a thickness of at least .062". For more information on our the various frits we have to offer, click on one of the following links:

• Stainless Steel Frits 

• Titanium Frits
• UHMWPE Frits
• PEEK Frits 

We also offer biocompatible versions of our analytical-scale inline filters:

1) The first group of biocompatible, analytical-scale filters feature bodies manufactured from PEEK polymer and PEEK frits surrounded by a fluoropolymer ring for enhanced sealing abilities. Their overall assembly mimics our traditional, stainless steel inline filters, and as with those filters, the frit inside these biocompatible filters can be easily swapped with an option from our extensive line of frits. (See above for links to information about our frits.)

2) The second group of biocompatible, analytical-scale filters feature two end fittings joined together, one with a frit pre-pressed into the end and the other without a frit in place. These two components are joined together by a special, stainless steel union (P/N AC-1-01). Because the frit is built into one of the end fittings, there are no replacement frits that can be used with these units. Instead, simply replace the end fitting that has the frit pre-installed.

The inlet and outlet connections of all of our analytical-scale inline filters have 10-32 coned internal threads for connecting 1/16" OD tubing. These connections are compatible with Upchurch Scientific®, Swagelok®, VICI® (Valco), or Parker fittings. All materials in these filters are 316 stainless steel, PEEK and fluoropolymer.

Semi-Prep Inline Filters

• High-pressure filters for semi-prep / higher flow applications
• Versions to accept up to 5/16" OD tubing

Traditional, Semi-Prep Inline Filters

Upchurch Scientific traditional, semi-prep inline filters are comprised of three components – the two “halves” of the filter holder and the frit itself. The primary material used to manufacture these items is 316 stainless steel (although fluid may come into contact with either PEEK or Tefzel® polymers as well, depending upon the frit used. (Please Note: One half of the Upchurch Scientific holder has a special treatment on the threads to help prevent galling.)

Each filter comes pre-packaged with a polymer-encapsulated stainless steel frit. Replacement frits for Upchurch Scientific traditional filter assemblies are available with the either a 2 µm, 10 µm, or a 20 µm porosity.

Isolation Technologies™ offers a version of the traditional, semi-prep inline filter dubbed the Iso-Prep™ filter. Similar to the design of Upchurch Scientific traditional, semi-prep inline filters, the Iso-Prep filters are comprised of three components – the two “halves” of the filter holder and the frit itself. The filter body and the porous matrix of the frit are manufactured from stainless steel, although the frit is surrounded by a PEEK polymer ring. Iso-Prep filters are available with a 0.5 µm or 2 µm porosity.

The inlet and outlet connections of the Iso-Prep filters features 10-32 coned ports for 1/16" OD tubing. However, the Upchurch Scientific traditional, semi-prep inline filters have either 10-32 coned ports for connecting 1/16" OD tubing or 5/16-24 flat-bottom ports for connecting up to 3/16" OD tubing. 

Biocompatible, Semi-Prep Inline Filters

In addition to our traditional, semi-prep inline filters, we also offer a line of biocompatible, semi-prep inline filters. These filters feature a large polymer-ring encapsulated frit sandwiched between two special filter end fittings, housed in a customized stainless steel union. (Please Note: Even though the union is manufactured from stainless steel, this material is completely outside of the flow path. The entire flow path of these biocompatible, semi-prep inline filters is completely metal-free.)

The A-410 and A-411 assemblies feature 10-32 coned internal ports for use with 1/16" OD tubing connected using one of our traditional Fingertight (or similar) fittings. (Please Note: Because the receiving ports are manufactured from PEEK, we do not recommend using traditional metal compression fittings, as they will most likely damage the receiving ports of these biocompatible filters.)

The A-510 features 5/16-24 flat-bottom receiving ports that can accept tubing up to 3/16" in outside diameter using the appropriately-threaded fittings. The A-511 features ½-20 flat-bottom threads to facilitate making connections with either 1/4" or 5/16" OD tubing.

Each of the biocompatible, semi-prep inline filters comes with a PEEK polymer frit surrounded by a fluoropolymer ring for enhanced sealing. Replacement frits are available with a 2 µm, 5 µm or 10 µm porosity.

APPLICATION NOTE: A filter between the injection valve and the HPLC column protects the column from pump and valve-seal particles as well as those originating in the mobile phase or sample. Using this extra filter helps reduce the risk of plugging the column inlet frit. (If a column inlet frit becomes plugged, often the entire column must be replaced, as simply changing the column inlet frit often ruins the column by disturbing the packed bed inside.)

NOTE: Swept volumes listed in "Compare Specs" include theoretical frit volume.


In Line Filters

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ReferenceDescriptionSwept Volume
Inline Filter solvent include 2μm UP-A-100 4.0μl Frit
2μm Fritado repuesto pk/ 10 1.4μl
Filter Guard Column SS Include SS 2 μm UP- A-101 frit
1.4 μl
Filter Guard Column SS Incluye fritado SS 0.5μm UP-A-102
1.3 μl
Filter Guard Column PEEK Incluye fritado PEEK2 μm UP-A-700
1.4 μl
Filter Guard Column PEEK Incluye fritado PEEK 0.5 μm UP-A-701
1.3 μl
2μm SS Replacement Frit pk/ 10
0.74 μl
0.5μm SS Replacement Frit pk/ 10
0.61 μl
2μm PEEK Replacement Frit pk/ 10
0.74 μl
0.5μm PEEK Replacement Frit pk/ 10
0.61 μl
Filter Guard Column Ultra-Low Volume Include UP-A-102 0.5μm Frit
0.5μm SS Replacement Frit pk/ 10

Semi-Prep Filter Include 10 μm UP- A-331Frit
223 μl
Stainless Steel Frit with Tefzelring
10μm Pk/ 10
Stainless Steel Frit with Tefzelring
2μm Pk/ 10
Stainless Steel Frit 2μm

Stainless Steel Frit 0.5μm (consult, another types)

Stainless Steel Frit

Ferrule Flangeless 1/16" Azul Tefzel

Nut Flangeless 1/16" Tefzel

Ferrule Flangeless 1/8" Amarillo Tefzel

Nut Flangeless 1/8" Negro Delrin