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Tracer Extrasil

The new range of Tracer Extrasil packings has been specially developed to replace one of the most popular packings on the market (WS).
All the physical and chromatographic parameters evaluated show a total equivalence between both materials, and what is more important, this has been certified by the excellent results obtained by the many users who upto now have tried this packing.


Tracer Extrasil represents the most economical choice of HPLC packings.


An advanced manufacturing process and a strict control of each one of its steps ensures a maximum reproducibility and efficiency in every one of the columns.


The confidence we have in our product enables us to offer a complete guarantee on these columns, so that if for any reason whatever a client thinks that a TRACER EXTRASIL column does not operate in an identical manner to the equivalent WS packing, we will refund his money.

Characteristics of the material

As shown in the following table,the new packing TRACER EXTRASIL is perfectly equivalent to the reference material in all its physicochemical characteristics.

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Tracer Extrasil

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