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YMC is known worldwide for the variety, versatility and quality of its HPLC packings. An attention centred originally in the analytical requirements of their clients has evolved to develop a full range of packings whose special selectivity characteristics have made them essential chromatographic tools in the fields of advanced techniques such as that of combinatorial chemistry, LC-MS, etc.
• Spherical materials of high purity, available in particle sizes between 3 and 150 μm.
• The largest range of substitutions,including packings substituted with 30 atom carbon chains, packings resistant to extreme pHs, etc.
• Manufacture in batches of more than 100 kg/batch, for a better reproducibility and scaling.
• Columns of all diameters between 0.05mm and 1000 mm internal diameter (From nano-chromatography to industrial scale chromatography, passing through analytical and preparative.)


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