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Novafix™ Cartridge System

Teknokroma has designed and developed the original, patented Novafix™ Cartridge System for HPLC, which is the result of more than 14 years of experience researching and manufacturing Teknokroma HPLC columns.

Novafix™ Quality

Teknokroma has always achieved its best in offering top-quality products and services. This quality-excellence philosophy has helped Teknokroma achieve HPLC market leadership wherever its products are marketed. Our research scientists have utilized the same quality-excellence philosophy to meticulously design the new Novafix™ HPLC Cartridge System. Novafix™ Cartridges are made from chosen materials and select bonded packings that guarantee the greatest column efficiency, peak symmetry and reproducibility.
In addition, Teknokroma’s proprietary Novabond™ packing procedures are the result of years of exhaustive research and detailed manufacturing of HPLC columns. Novabond packing procedures provide you with the best column efficiency, peak symmetry and column lifetime available on the market.

Novafix™ Easy Handling
The mechanism for rapid connection designed in the Novafix™ Cartridge System does not require you to use any tools for its assembly or dismantling. This design feature makes Novafix™ columns simple and easy to handle.

Novafix™ Functional Design
Without requiring any additional accessories, the Novafix Cartridge System permits the insertion a 1cm-long precolumn at the head of the analytical cartridge. This is achieved without introducing any dead volume, thereby maximizing column efficiency and peak symmetry.

Novafix™ Efficiency
The Novafix™ HPLC Cartridge supplies the highest theoretical efficiency. These typically high efficiencies are achieved due to the zero dead-volume connections and proprietary Novabond™ packing procedures.

Novafix™ Stability
The design of the Novafix™ HPLC Cartridge System ensures not only maximum efficiencies, but also long useful lifetimes.
Novafix™ Cartridges provide maximum stability for packing materials in the precolumn and analytical column cartridges, no matter how frequently the precolumn is exchanged.

Novafix™ Reproducibility

In the Novafix™ cartridges manufacture, we only use the top valued packings of the market for guaranteeing the maximum reproducibility. That way the values of resolution, selectivity, efficacy and stability will repeat column by column and year by year, without requiring special modifications in the chromatographic method.

Novafix™ Versatility
Teknokroma provides a wide range of bonded packing and configurations in the Novafix™ HPLC Cartridge System. This includes the most popular bonded packings on the market as well as packings for special applications. The Novafix Cartridge versatility of packings represents a great advantage over other cartridge systems that normally limit the range of packings to one or a few select packings.
• Packings of 3, 5 and 10 μm
• Lengths of 7.5, 15 and 25cm
• Different Internal diameters
• Packings of Tracer Excel, Tracer Extrasil, Nucleosil,
Lichrosorb, Lichrospher, Superspher, Partisil, etc.

At Teknokroma, we guarantee the maximum quality of our products. This starts with quality in the mechanical components and finishes with final computerized quality control tests on each Novafix HPLC cartridge. Our quality controls ensure that you will receive only those cartridges which conform to the high quality demanded in our Novafix Cartridge specifications.


To the criteria of maximum functionality and quality, we have also integrated the criterion of economy in the Novafix™ Cartridge System. The Novabond™ bonding and packing processes are rigidly controlled to produce superior yields of high-quality products. The Novabond™ processing makes NovafixNovafix™ Cartridges the most economical choice in the global HPLC market. This enables us to reduce the price even further with our “economy sets” of three NovafixNovafix™ Cartridges.

To connect cartridge and guardcolumn cartridge Fast coupling System Ref. TR-015323 is required


Tracer Excel
Tracer Extrasil
Adnantix ODS

Novafix™ Cartridge System