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Mediterranea Sea 18 2,2um

UHPLC Column

Mediterranea is a transitional column fully compatible with cutting-edge HPLC and UHPLC systems, radically improving analysis performance and halving retention times.
The material used for the developement of Mediterranea Sea 18 columns is an ultra-pure, metal-free, state-of-the-art silica gel packing, with a particle size of 2,2 μm and a pore size of 100 Å.
Mediterranea Sea 18 uses state-of-the-art silica and the latest bonding and endcapping technology. Compatible with a 100% aqueous mobile phase and it stands extreme pH conditions (1,5 to 11).
Mediterranea Sea 18 has been developed to offer the highest quality and reproducibility.

Mediterranea Sea 18 2,2um

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Mediterranea Sea 18
5 x 0,21 cm. 2,2 μm
Mediterranea Sea 18
10 x 0,21 cm. 2,2 μm