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ICSep AN300B

The resins used by TRANSGENOMIC for the chromatography of inorganic ionic species (cations and anions) are composed of a macroporous co-polymer of polystyrene-divinylbenzene.
Those substituted with alkyl or alkyl quaternary ammonia are used for the separation of anions using carbonate type eluants. The resins substituted with sulphonic or carboxylic acids are used in the separation of cations employing acidic eluants.

• Polymeric substrate.
• Compatibility with organic solvents.
• High efficiency.
• Reproducibility.
• pH stability from 0 to 14.


ICSep AN300B

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ICSep AN300B 4.6x250 mm
ICSep AN300B Guard column 4.6x50mm
ICSep AN300B Guard Cart. 3/pk 3.0x10mm