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• New Phase Overview: Preparative LC

Select the best phase for preparative LC Project with the YMC bulk phase overview!
All preparative phases and parameters most useful for your chromatography at a single glance.

Contact us for expert support regarding method development and scale up of your purification projects.

• More flexibility for the development of IEX processes

BioPro IEX: Designed for Bioseparations
BioPro IEX SmartSep resins offer the perfect solution for challenging separations. With the high binding capacity and recovery, the resins allow high-throughput purifications and increase productivity.
Easy elution of target compounds improves the whole process.
One of the advantages of YMC's BioPro IEX resins is its full scalability. This provides identical chromatographic behaviour across all particle sizes.
This is beneficial, as separation and fractionation can be optimised on the analytical scale. Depending on the rerquired resolution the optimal bead size can be selected. Then, the process can be reliably transferred to production scale. This enables highly flexible implementation of BioPro IEX resins, resulting in a perfectly tailored solution.