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Sistema de Evaporación en Paralelo

The ACTEvap™ from AAPPTec is a compact parallel evaporator and lyophilizer combined into one. Its clever compact design allows the system to be used with a variety of vials and tube formats, running up to 35 samples each time. Fitting directly onto your existing laboratory rotary evaporators or freeze-dryers, ACTEvap is also incredibly affordable as no extra hardware is required.

Constructed from chemically resistant Teflon, robustness is guaranteed and requires virtually no maintenance. Most importantly, sample integrity is maintained due to the unique permeable membrane cap, no cross-contamination or product loss due to bumping is observed.

Key Features

•Affordable: Utilizes inexpensive vials, reusable caps, and is compatible with standard laboratory equipment. No extra hardware required.
•Compact: Small device requiring little bench space
•Timely: Evaporate/Lyophilize up to 35 vials in a very short time from 25 µL to 30 mL
•Easy to Use: Connect to rotary evaporator or vacuum with a low temperature trap
•Very Low Maintenance: Just replace two Viton seals biannually
•Adaptable: Custom racks available for specially sized vials or test tubes
•Portable: Easily carried from lab to lab