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Endeavor 90

Tabletop Peptide Synthesizer

The Endeavor 90 peptide synthesizer offers unparalleled flexibility and capability in peptide synthesis. These instruments function as a fully automated peptide synthesizer, while also offering the user complete control of the synthesis. Solid phase peptide and organic chemistry reactions, including Boc and Fmoc chemistries, are easy and cost effective with the Endeavor 90 peptide synthesizer.

Key Features

• Two reactors for dual simultaneous synthesis: 2 x 25ml vessels for Endeavor 90-I peptide synthesizer; variable vessel size in Endeavor 90-II peptide synthesizer, 5ml-2L capacity
• Variable scale synthesis: 1-10mmol in Endeavor 90-I peptide synthesizer; 0.1-50mmol in Endeavor 90-II peptide synthesizer (depending on reactor size)
• Four amino acid vessels: 4 x 90ml in Endeavor 90-I peptide synthesizer, 4 x 250ml in Endeavor 90-II peptide synthesizer
• Reproducible batch to batch synthesis
• Inert nitrogen atmosphere for the use of air- and water-sensitive reagents
• Performs any solid phase peptide or organic chemistry, including Boc and Fmoc chemistries
• Three mixing options: nitrogen bubbling, variable speed wrist action shaking, or both
• No additional hood required, since reaction vessels are enclosed
• Simple point and click software for easy creation of custom protocols, as well as pre-programmed optimized standard protocols

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Endeavor 90