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Focus XC

An Automated Peptide Synthesizer

The Focus XC is a compact, easy to use fully automated peptide synthesizer that will increase laboratory productivity. It can synthesize one, two, four or six peptides at a time for efficient high throughput synthesis. With 24 amino acid/reagent vessels, the Focus XC peptide synthesizer can be set up once and run all day or overnight without additional intervention. The Focus XC peptide synthesizer is compact and does not require a hood, yet it can prepare peptides in a scale range of 0.05mmol to 5.0mmol, making it a powerful peptide production tool.

The Focus XC peptide synthesizer is an excellent choice for discovery research, synthetic methods and chemical process development, and research and production.

The Focus XC peptide synthesizer is easy to use with features that both novice and experienced peptide chemists will appreciate. All reagent bottles, amino acid vials and reactors are visible and reagent levels can be quickly verified at a glance. The software has standard Boc and Fmoc protocols or users can develop new chemistries and customized protocols. Its simple, command technology makes the Focus XC peptide synthesizer an excellent learning tool for beginners, but it still has the flexibility for a wide range of chemistry, including synthesis of peptides, organic molecules and DNA.

Key Features

• Optional Sonication Module
• Optional Heating Module
• Up to 6 Reaction Vessels
• 24 Amino Acid/Reagent Vials
• Measuring Vessel For Accurate Volume Delivery of Reagents
• On Instrument Cleavage
• Flexible for solid phase peptide, organic and combinatorial chemistry
• Easy maintenance

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Focus XC