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Flujómetro Digital ProFLOW 6000


Flowmeters that can measure flammable gases are becoming mandatory, due to the increased use of hydrogen in chromatography. With its Ex rating, the Restek ProFLOW 6000 Flowmeter is designed specifically with explosive and flammable gases in mind.
The new Restek ProFLOW 6000 is the only flowmeter you need for any type of chromatography gas measurement because of its wide range of capabilities. The ProFLOW 6000 is an electronic device capable of measuring bidirectional volumetric flow for most gases. Real-time measurements can be made for various types of flow paths, including continually changing gas types. This portable unit is designed for easy hand-held use, and the stand adds bench-top convenience.
State-of-the-art features include:

• Measures volumetric flow for all gases across a range of 0.5-500 mL/min.
• NIST traceable calibration
• Explosion-proof rating for flammable and explosive gases
• Accuracy of ± 2% of flow or ± 0.05 mL/min., whichever is greater
• Over range warning indicator
• Auto shut-off feature
• Use as a bench-top or hand-held unit
• Ergonomic design and side grips for comfort
• Measures most gas types
• Convenient carrying/storage case included
• CE certified
• Uses 2-AA batteries
• Data output via USB port
• Re-calibration service available

Backed by a Restek 1-year warranty, the Restek ProFLOW 6000 flowmeter will set the industry standard for electronic flowmeters!

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Flujómetro Digital ProFLOW 6000

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