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Inyector para GC HT3100A


Analyzing fewer samples? Get precision and performance with a system that is perfectly sized for your needs. HT3100A offers automation for processing up to 15 samples unattended.
The system is fully self-contained and can be interfaced to almost any gas chromatograph, regardless of the GC brand or model you have in your laboratory.  It can be configured serving up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC.  Furthermore it can be easily moved between GCs, also of different brands, when workload changes.
Easy-to-use controls for zero operator training. A simple, easy to use keypad lets you start your analysis just pushing START button. All the samples in your rack will be automatically processed.
Quick set of autosampler parameters can be done by the free PC control (HTA Autosampler Manager) provided along with HT3100A, while all the routine operation can be managed by its dedicated keypad (analysis start, sample loading and extra wash).
HT3100A handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques: internal standard technique (also known as sandwich injection), multi-phase, ambient headspace, priority injection, nanoliter injection and much more.  Parameters are easily programmable to optimize both the most convenient sampling method for extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique. Finally it can mount different types of syringes with volume from 0.5 to 100ul to cover the widest range of applications.

Inyector para GC HT3100A

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Inyector Automático HT3100A, Autosampler Líquido con 110 posiciones
Software for controlling HT3100A autosamplers from a PC (Windows versión)