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Inyector para GC HT280T

All-In-Ones (SPME, Headspace and Liquid) Autosampler

The HT280T is an all-in-one autosampler that combines in a single unit a traditional liquid sample injection, a headspace and a SPME (Solid Phase micro-extraction) autosampler.

Changing from Liquid to Headspace or to SPME is as simple as changing the sample tray, syringe and vial sensor (about 5 minutes in total without the need to remove the autosampler from the GC). Conversion kits are supplied according to your needs (kit for liquid, head-space and SPME can be provisioned separately). Just one simple tool (supplied) is required for the conversion which takes around 5 minutes to complete with the autosampler in situ.

Up to 110 samples may be processed as single or batch injections using one or more analysis methods. Any 12x32mm vial may be used with any cap type. All parameters from the sampling depth through to the injection speed, depth and dwell times may be programmed through the front panel or via the HT-COMSoft Windows software.
The automatic injection sequence may have up to 15 steps which can be programmed to include: first sample of group, last sample of group, analytical method, number of injections for each sample, pre- and post-washing solvent position, internal standard position (if used).

Key Features include:

• Syringe may be washed with solvent or sample;
• Injections can be made on two injectors (high throughput and confirmation mode);
• Rotating head design leaves free the injection port for manual injection;
• Internal standard sampling;
• Memory stores 10 different methods;
• Variable fill speed allows for wide range of sample viscosity;
• Sampling system eliminates air bubble;
• Programmable sampling and injection speed.

Inyector para GC HT280T

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Inyector para GC HT280T
Software para controlar con un PC, los autosamplers HT280T, (versión Windows)