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Europa Protein C4 Especificaciones

Deactivation Process

Thanks to our propietary new Multifunctional Endcapping Deactivation (MED) technology used with our popular HPLC columns Mediterranea™ Sea 18, we obtain with the Europa packing a specially designed C4, C8 and C18 ligand configuration, that blocks practically all the active centres that may have remained on the surface of the silica.
As a result of this, Europa columns have an unusual low level of silanol activity, helping you to obtain symetrical peaks for the most basic and acidic compounds. The improved high density bonding and full endcapping make them suitable to separate or purify low molecular weight compounds (especially small peptides when using Europa Peptide column 120 Å) and separate or purify high molecular weight compounds, especially proteins when using Europa Protein column 300 Å.
Europa C 18 bonding chemistries will help you to achieve an extraordinary resistance and column lifetime when running at extreme pH levels.

Wide pH Range

Using Europa C 18 packing materials it is possible to work with eluents from pH 1 to pH 12. Such unusual pH resistance values have been achieved as a result of phase bonding efficiency and a propietary endcapping process which provides a protective shield against acidic and basic eluents.
Europa columns ensure greater separation efficiency, resistance to extreme pH conditions and can be used for an extended period of time.

Europa Protein C4 Phase Stability

Phase stability of Europa Protein C4 columns has been checked purging one 25 x 0.78 cm column either with CH3CN/1%TFA 10:90 (pH=1)during 15 hours at 0.9 ml/min or with CH3CN/20 mM Na3PO4 10:90 (pH=12) during 3 hours at 1.7 ml/min.
Acid Resistance pH=1
Alkalil Resistance pH=12

Europa Protein C4 Especificaciones