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Bomba HPLC Caudal Constante

The Series 1500 Constant Flow Pump for Analytical Chromatography Applications
The Series 1500 Constant Flow Pump has been designed for analytical to small-scale preparative chromatography applications. The patented low-dead-volume pulse damper and dual piston mechanism make this pump virtually pulse-free, and provide unmatched performance for the most demanding applications. The unit provides constant flow rates from 0.01 to 12.0 ml/min and is typically suitable for columns from 2mm up to 22mm ID.
The Series 1500 drive features a linear cam and pressure compensation to provide accurate gradients in the high- or low-pressure mode.
Standard controls include RS-232 serial communication port and Run/Stop inputs, remote frequency and remote voltage controls, real-time pressure monitoring, and constant flow.
The use of modern digital stepper motor technology and high-performance mechanical design provide accurate pressures to 6,000 psi. All LabAlliance pumps include a 3 year warranty.

Standard Features and Controls:
• Dual Self Flushing Pump Heads for Reduced Pulsation
• Pulse Damper for Reduced Dead Volume
• Real-time pressure monitoring with upper/lower pressure limits
• Remote 0-10 volt & remote 0-10 kHz Flow Rate Control Input
• Simple Front Panel Key Pad Controls with LED Display
• Autoprime™ one button toggles flow rate to maximum for rapid solvent change
• Motor Stall Detector
• Dual ball and seat Check Valves for Consistent Flow Performance
• Prime Purge Valve
• RS-232 Serial Com Port for Complete Control & Status Monitoring
• Run/stop Inputs (5 volt TTL type)
• Stainless Steel or PEEK Fluid Path

Bomba HPLC Caudal Constante

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Bomba Série 1500, Autolavable, 110 / 220V, PEEK
0,01 - 12 ml / min
Bomba Série 1500, Autolavable, 110 / 220V, Acero Inoxidable
0,01 - 12 ml / min