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Ultra Columns: 3μm or 5μm particles; 100Å pore size Our broadest selection of stationary phases, including unique phases. High density bondings, for maximum retention.High-purity, Type B silica gives excellent peak shapes for a wide range of compounds.

Ultra C18 Columns (USP L1)
Ultra C8 Columns (USP L7)
Ultra Aqueous C18 Columns (USP L1)
Ultra IBD Columns
Ultra C4 Columns (USP L26)
Ultra C1 Columns (USP L13)
Ultra Cyano Columns (USP L10)
Ultra Phenyl Columns (USP L11)
Ultra Amino Columns (USP L8)
Ultra PFP Columns (USP L43)
Ultra Silica Columns (USP L3)
Ultra Carbamate Columns
Ultra Quat Columns


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