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Pinnacle II

Pinnacle® II Columns: 3μm or 5μm particles; 110Å pore size Silica manufactured at Restek, for total control of quality and reproducibility. Excellent replacement for the original Hypersil® material. Physical and chromatographic properties similar to our original Pinnacle® materials, but with greater lot-to-lot uniformity.

Pinnacle® II C18 Columns (USP L1)
Pinnacle® II PAH Columns
Pinnacle® II C8 Columns (USP L7)
Pinnacle® II Cyano Columns (USP L10)
Pinnacle® II Phenyl Columns (USP L11)
Pinnacle® II Amino Columns (USP L8)
Pinnacle® II Biphenyl Columns (USP L11)
Pinnacle® II Silica Columns (USP L3)

Pinnacle II

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