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100 Å Monomeric RP Silica

TSKgel ODS-100V and TSKgel ODS-100Z columns incorporate the best-in-class surface properties to limit secondary interactions of basic, acidic and chelating compounds. Take advantage of the benefits of high column efficiency and symmetrical peak shapes to reduce your analysis and method development time!
The ultra high purity Type B base silica contains negligible amounts of metal ion impurities. Combined with monomeric bonding chemistry, this silica makes the best general purpose Reversed Phase columns suitable for the most demanding separations in quality control as well as in research and development.

TSKgel ODS-100V
• Lower than maximum C18 ligand density (15% C) improves wetting properties and prolongs retention of polar compounds
• Can be used under 100% aqueous mobile phase conditions.
• Best TSKgel column for challenging compounds, including acidic, basic, zwitterionic and chelating compounds.
TSKgel ODS-100Z
• Monomeric bonding reaction followed by exhaustive endcapping results in:
o High C18 ligand density (20% C)
o Minimal silanol interaction
o Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
• Excellent general purpose TSKgel column for high throughput applications

100 Å Monomeric RP Silica

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