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2μm Super Series RP Silica (110Å)

TSKgel Super-ODS, Super-Octyl and Super-Phenyl columns are prepared from spherical 2 µm silica particles with 140 Å pore diameter. The silica beads in the columns are extremely uniform in size which provides column efficiencies of more than 160,000 plates per meter, yet have a pressure drop comparable to columns packed with 3 µm particles. The main advantages of the Super Series columns are savings in time and solvent usage, in addition to the improved quantitation resulting from reduced band broadening.
Caution: The silica particles in Super Series columns have a relatively small pore volume, which results in shorter retention times than obtained on most other reversed phase columns. For instance, to achieve similar retention times as obtained on TSKgel ODS-100V, the percentage organic solvent in the mobile phase has to be reduced by about 20-30% on TSKgel Super-ODS columns.

2μm Super Series RP Silica (110Å)

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