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Inyector para HPLC HT800L

Premium autosampler for HPLC and UHPLC

HT800L is a compact and versatile autosampler for highly precise injections into HPLC, UHPLC and LC/MS systems. High sample throughput, Repeatability, Easy-to-use and Versatility distinguish HT800L and make it the best choice for your liquid chromatography applications!
High sample throughput. It can handle up to 120 vials per run and it can work with different kind of SBS plates (micro, shallow, deep). Removable racks assure easy and quick sample loading and the polarization on racks assures error free procedure.
Low cycle time. The high speed operation is coupled to a sampling chamber sensor, to ensure that when the door is open a deboosting protection is activated in order to guarantee the operator safety.
Repeatability. HT800L provides excellent analysis efficiency through an accurate syringe system that assures high performance with every vial/plate configuration unlike pressure based systems.
Programmable double-step washing (by the system liquid and by an aggressive solvent), internal and external needle washing and total line washing ensure a minimal carry-over.
Full loop is performed with very high accuracy values, while partial loop and microliter pick up assure sample saving. The variable fill speed and the viscosity delay allow a wide range of sample viscosities while programmable sampling depth assures high-sample recover capacity.
Easy-to-use. User-friendly PC interface has been designed to create methods and sequences in a simple way. An additional keypad has been designed for every operation that would be uncomfortable to do by a Data System: for wake-up and shut down maintenance, extra washing and line rinsing. Finally lights inside sampling chamber assure an easy visual contact with samples during the operations.
Versatility. HT800L claim is "Easy for routine, Rich of features for research".
In the case you need there are many advanced options on which you can act: up to 3 reagent additions, each one with optional mixing and washing steps that enable HT800L to become quite popular between research labs. Users that need just routine don't need to worry about these advanced parameters, they need to set just few parameters to create a method.
Dilution, derivatization, pH spiking and internal standard addition are available within the standard version: no extra costs required. These operation can be performed in place or in an empty vial by sample dispatching (Quantified Preparative).

Inyector para HPLC HT800L

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