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Inyector para HPLC HT310L

Entry-level autosampler

Need high levels of reproducibility and accuracy that an autosampler offers for your HPLC system, but do not run large sample batches?

HT310L is the answer.

HT310L is an HPLC autosampler derived from HT300L. This special version has a fixed tray that holds up to 10 sample vials and that gives the autosampler a very small footprint. Besides the price is very competitive, making HT310L a valid, efficient and not too expensive alternative to the manual injector. It uses a similar interface to the HT300L and can be interfaced with most HPLC systems.

The functionality and the ease of use remain the same as the 110 positions HT300L.

HT310L: it is the entry level version and can not be upgraded with a 110-position tray.
Inyector para HPLC HT310L

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HT310L, Inyector HPLC con 10 posiciones