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PCR Licence

This product is offered under a license for the manufacture and the sale of veterinary PCR products from ROCHE. The purchase of this product allows the purchaser to use it for amplification and detection of nucleic acid sequences for providing veterinary in vitro diagnostics. No general patent or other license of any kind other than this specific right of use from purchase is granted hereby.

BTV: Virus Blue-Tongue

Kit TaqVet® Bluetongue Virus All Genotypes FCO
Kit TaqVet® BTV1 Duplex Genotyping
Kit TaqVet® BTV8 Duplex Genotyping
Kit TaqVet® BTV6 Duplex Genotyping
Kit TaqVet® Triplex BTV/FCO 1&8 Genotyping
Kit TaqVet® Triplex BTV/FCO 6&8 Genotyping
Kit TaqVet® TRIPLEX BTV/FCO - All Genotypes and BTV1
Kit TaqVet® TRIPLEX BTV/FCO - All Genotypes and BTV8

BDVD Pestivirus

Kit TaqVet® BVDV Screening
Kit TaqVet® BVDV Fast IPI

Enfermedades Abortivas

Kit TaqVet® Coxiella burnetii - Quantitative
Kit TaqVet® Chlamydophila spp
Kit TaqVet® Triplex FQ / Chlam - CY5 or NED - Quantitative
Kit TaqVet® Coxiella burnetii / Chlamydophila spp
Kit TaqVet® Neospora caninum
Kit TaqVet® Toxoplasma gondii
Kit TaqVet® Triplex Salmonella spp / Listeria spp
Kit TaqVet® Salmonella spp


Kit TaqVet® Mycobacterium paratuberculosis
Kit TaqVet® Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex

Enfermedades Virus Respiratória

Kit TaqVet® Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Otras Infecciones

Kit TaqVet® Anaplasma phagocytophilum
Kit TaqVet® Ovin Herpes Virus 2
Kit TaqVet® Mycoplasma Bovis
Kit TaqVet® IBR gB

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