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Kit TaqVet IBR gB


Real-Time PCR Technology - TaqMan® probes - RNA - One well reaction

Detected Agent

Bovine Herpes Virus 1 / IBR

Target gene

Genes encoding for protein gB


Bovines, Sheep, Goats, Wild Ruminants

Samples types

Nasal swab, TTA, Lung Biopsy, Seed

Compatible thermocyclor

Slan (LSI), 7000 to 7900- Step One-Step One plus (Applied Biosystems), Light Cycler 480 and 2.0 (Roche Diagnostics), Chromo4-IQ Cycler (Biorad), MXpro3000p-Mxpro3005p (Stratagene), Rotor-gene (Corbett).
Contact us if you have other thermocyclor.

Kit TaqVet IBR gB

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