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Tubo de Extracción SPE Finisterre C18

Is the traditional matrix for reversed-phase chromatography. The high loading provides the highest degree of hydrophobicity
Retention Mechanism: Reverse phase, one of the most hydrophobic phases
Functional Group: Polymerically bonded octadecyl C18
endcapped. High Capacity C18
Endcapped: yes
Higher Carbon Load: 17.0 %
Sílica Base: Irregular Shape
Average Particle Size: 50 μm
Pore Diameter: 60 Å
Hardware: Polypropylene
Frit: Polyethylene 20 μm porosity


Isolation of hydrophobic species from solution Compounds retained are Non-polar to moderately polar in a polar matrix.
• Drugs in serum, plasma and urine
• Desalting of peptides
• Organic acids in wine
• Pesticides in water by trace enrichment.
Finisterre™ C18 High Capacity C18 are Equivalent to: Baker C18, Macherey –Nagel C18–ec, Macherey–Nagel C18–ecf, Phenomenex C 18-E,Supelco DSC-18, Supelco ENVI-18, Varian C 18, Waters C18, Whatman ODS-5





Tubo de Extracción SPE Finisterre C18

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