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AttractSPE™ - Polymeric SPE cartridges

Polymeric Solid Phase Extraction Sorbents

Sample preparation and clean-up are the key steps in trace analysis for every analytical chemist. Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a powerful technique providing a rapid and selective sample clean-up, a high analyte recovery and preconcentration necessary for an accurate quantitative analysis.

Thanks to its expertise in polymer chemistry, AFFINISEP has developed a complete range of polymeric SPE phases: AttractSPE™.

AttractSPE™ columns and 96-well Plates are sample preparation products making possible the extraction of compounds from complex matrices. AttractSPE™ sorbents support the six common retention mechanisms used in analytical laboratories:

• Polar Modified Reversed Phase: AttractSPE™ W/O
• Mixed-mode Strong Cation Exchange: AttractSPE™ SCX
• Mixed-mode Weak Cation Exchange: AttractSPE™ WCX
• Mixed-mode Strong Anion Exchange: AttractSPE™ SAX
• Mixed-mode Weak Anion Exchange: AttractSPE™ WAX
• Reversed phase: AttractSPE™ DVB





AttractSPE™ - Polymeric SPE cartridges