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AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone

Specific extraction of Zearalenone from a variety of food samples matrices: cereals, baby food.

Zearalenone is a mycotoxin produced as a secondary metabolite of various Fusarium fungi. Zearalenone is known to cause estrogenic effects at relatively low levels, including infertility, reduced serum testosterone levels and sperm counts, reduced incidence of pregnancy, and change in progesterone levels. In addition, Zearalenone can delay the breeding process and cost the producer significant economic and physical losses.
In Europe, Regulation (EC) 1881/2006 sets maximum levels for Zearalenone in foodstuffs such as processed cereal-based food and baby foods at 20µg/Kg.
AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone are selective solid phase extraction cartridges that selectively clean and concentrate the toxin prior to analysis by HPLC.

Cartuchos SPE Polyintell AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone
AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone

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ReferenciaDescipción, Formato de cartuchos, cantidad de sorbenteComposición Empaquetado
AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone
25 Cartridges
Open cartridge 3mL 100mg
50 Cartridges
Zearalenone standard solution - 1mL - 100µg/mL
1mL vial
AFFINIMIP® SPE Zearalenone for GERSTEL Multipurpose sampler automate -3mL
50 cartridges