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Inyector para SPME HT280T

All-In-Ones (SPME, Headspace and Liquid) Autosampler

The HT280T is an all-in-one autosampler that combines in a single unit a traditional liquid sample injection, a headspace and a SPME (Solid Phase micro-extraction) autosampler.
Changing from Liquid to Headspace or to SPME is as simple as changing the sample tray, syringe and vial sensor (about 5 minutes in total without the need to remove the autosampler from the GC). Conversion kits are supplied according to your needs (kit for liquid, head-space and SPME can be provisioned separately). Just one simple tool (supplied) is required for the conversion which takes around 5 minutes to complete with the autosampler in situ.
Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a valid GC sample technique able to further increase laboratory productivity by offering a significant reduction in sample preparation time. In one-step process, you will be able to perform extraction, concentration and introduction of analytes into GC. No hazardous solvent and no large extraction solvent quantity is necessary. Furthermore no solvent injection and fast analytes desorbtion improve minimum detection limits.
With SPME analytes are absorbed onto the stationary phases coated or either fused silica or metal fibers. Then the analytes are thermally desorbed from the fiber to a GC inlet onto a capillary column. SPME techniques could require headspace or liquid extraction: HT280T performs both by setting vial penetration depth.
HT280T supports derivatisation pre- or post-extraction phase as application notes could require. Extraction is performed in the heated oven also through gently rocking (rocking speed is programmable): low speeds are supported to reduce mechanical stress on fiber. Oven door is kept closed during extraction: therefore the temperature is constant during extraction (it is very important in long time extraction).
Fiber cleaning after liquid extraction is supported; furthermore cleaning after desorbtion is supported too by injector or by an external cleaning device (optional).
SPME is useful in many different analyses, including: environmental, forensic, food/flavor and pharma. To know more about SPME visit:
• SPME homepage
• SPME application note library
Key Features include:
• Both headspace and liquid extraction both supported;
• Oven door is kept closed during extraction to reduce mechanical stress on the fiber (oven door acts as a needle guide).
SPME products are sold under license from SUPELCO under U.S. Patent 5,691,206 and/or any divisions, continuations or revisions thereof.

Inyector para SPME HT280T

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