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Loops para Válvulas CN2

Loops for Cheminert CN2 nanovolume valves are PEEK, and include our new one-piece 1/32" fingertight fittings, with a patented* collapsible ferrule that makes fingertight nanovolume connections a snap. To avoid potential confusion, all fittings utilizing the Cheminert collapsible ferrule are made of black PEEK.
Each loop includes two 1/32" PEEK Cheminert nanovolume fittings.
Sample loops are accurately sized for each valve type. However, with small volume loops the tolerance on the ID of the tubing (± 0.001") can have a significant effect on the volume. Therefore loop volume and loop appearance may differ from batch to batch.

Loops para Válvulas CN2

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Loop para Válvula CN2 40 nl
Loop para Válvula CN2 50 nl
Loop para Válvula CN2 100 nl
Loop para Válvula CN2 250 nl
Loop para Válvula CN2 1 μl
Loop para Válvula CN2 5 μl