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Conectores Cheminert

Cheminert Nanovolume™ connectors include our new one-piece 1/32" fingertight fittings, with a patented* collapsible ferrule that makes fingertight connections a snap. These fittings work with a variety of tubing, including PEEK, fused silica, and 1/32" electroformed nickel tubing (standard or gold-plated ID). Liners adapt the fittings for use with fused silica.
To avoid potential confusion, all fittings utilizing the Cheminert collapsible ferrule are made of black PEEK; fittings with a standard Valco ZDV fitting detail are natural PEEK.
Liners for fused silica tubing connections
Use these liners with Nanovolume™ connectors to adapt to the most common sizes of fused silica tubing. Natural PEEK. These do not include the embedded screen as in liners for column end fittings.

Conectores Cheminert

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