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Sharp Freeze

The Sharp Freeze is a flexible and compact laboratory freeze-dryer. The system's performance and reliability ensure that a constant low temperature of up to -110C (depending on the model) is maintained. Fitted with a highly insulated chamber, the Sharp Freeze efficiently traps all vapors and prevents them from escaping, ensuring a longer working life for the vacuum system attached.The Sharp Freeze -110C has dual compressors for greater efficiency and includes a step start feature to preserve the life of the compressors and to maintain a constant temperature at the various stages of operation.

An optional Pirani gauge provides precise digital pressure readout for controlling the freeze drying process. Utilizing the option RS232C port, the condenser temperature can be automatically monitored and recorded at all times.

A generous 4 liter chamber as standard, constructed of 316 stainless steel, allows the Sharp Freeze to suit most laboratory applications, but custom models are available for more challenging applications. A drain valve allows fast cleaning and easy emptying of the condenser, and a special glass trap is available for trapping highly corrosive chemicals.


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