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You cannot think about human health without linking it to the animal world. In Europe alone, there are more than 200 million animals housed in 75 million homes. Of these 130 million are cats and dogs. The close contact between humans and animals is likely to be the origin of "zoonosis" diseases, which can also deadly to humans, and include: Leishmaniasis, Echinococcosis, Leptospirosis, Rabies, etc.

Also, in livestock, there are pathogens that are problematical for both humans and livestock. The possible effects from contamination of agri-food production can be disastrous with health risks to humans and severe economic losses. To protect human health, it is therefore necessary to ensure the health of the animals held as pets and of animals in food production and supply chains. Prevention, observation and monitoring of animal pathogens are an indispensable prerequisite to avoiding risks to human health, as most modern diseases come from contact with animals or are food derived.

The OIE, World Organisation for Animal Health, is increasingly calling for simple, fast and, where possible, field tests to prevent and monitor pathogens.

To meet these requirements, we manufacture and supply diagnostic tests capable of identifying the pathogens that cause infectious diseases in pets and in livestock. Our system, which is now used by several public and private laboratories as a daily tool has proven to be an effective laboratory means to detect those pathogens that are traditionally difficult to isolate and/or identify. In addition, the small size and easy transportability of the system, makes it ideal for use in the field.

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