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Tosoh Guardcolumn

• Interposed between the injector and the column these precolumns lengthen the life of the column and improve the reproducibility of their results.
• Packed with the most modern HPLC packings and Novabond™ proprietary packing procedures.
• Economic and easily replaced.
• For general use in any HPLC system.
• Packed at high pressure for maximum stability and duration.
• Their use does not imply any loss of efficiency, even with packings of 3 μm or with microbore columns of 2mm ID

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Particle Size
10 µm (1)
Column ID
7,5 mm (1)
Reference TH-06819
Description SW Top-Off, SS, 10 µm, for all  7.5mm ID SW silica 1 g wet gel  
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showing 1 of 1 products